Hace un par de años, después de la separación de su antigua banda, Little Big League, Michelle Zauner inició un proyecto solista llamado Japanese Breakfast y lanzó un impresionante álbum debut llamado “Psychopomp” el año pasado. En julio del año pasado, Zauner regresó con su excelente segundo álbum llamado “Soft Sounds From Another Planet”. Continuando con la promoción de dicho material, el día de hoy, ha compartido el vídeo oficial del sencillo “Boyish”. Disfrútenlo en este enlace, vía Apple Music; vena un fragmento a continuación.

Recientemente, Japanese Breakfast lanzó un cover a “California Dreamin’” de The Mamas & The Papas. “Soft Sounds From Another Planet” fue nombrado uno de los 50 mejores álbumes de 2017 por Indie Space.

After nearly a year of dreaming and planning, our magnum opus is finally here. Boyish is a song that has gone through many transformations but ultimately it’s a song that’s simply about wanting to feel pretty & loved. It’s my favorite video yet and you can watch it exclusively on @applemusic (link in bio) Don’t think I would have had the courage to start directing my own videos without Adam Kolodny lifting me up and giving me the confidence and tools to take it on. @akolephoto is the most talented & hardest working DP I have ever met. He helped me enter into an unfamiliar medium with the utmost patience and without condescension. Together we have chased visions through warehouse catwalks at 4 am, tick infested high grass, scaled semi trucks and murdered 7 foot demons. It’s a tremendous privilege to call him my friend, collaborator & creative soulmate.  Cheers to another one & many more to come 🍸 We absolutely could not have done it without the tremendous hard work & talent of many other people. Leading this team was an absolute dream—there wasn’t a single person not giving this project their all. Thank you to @houseofnod and @yaybennett who produced the video and saved our location last minute and kept hope when I had accepted all was lost. Thanks @donniejamesricketts world’s greatest gaffer I hope I never have to make another video with you. Logan Quarles our AC, Leah Jubara our AD, key grip Phil Sokoloff, Varun Bajaj our PA, colorist Kevin Ratigan and Robert Kolodny who I was thrilled to finally work with as our editor. Thank you Allie Pearce who dressed the entire cast and the majority of the extras. Your command & vision was such a pleasure to add to our team. Jarmel Reitz who slayed art department & transformed our gym above and beyond my own insane expectations. Thank you also to my cast—Alicia Clow, Riley Buttery, Tina Ngo, Lindsey Jordan, Sara Chernikoff, Leslie Bear, Craig Hendrix and Peter Bradley for putting their trust in me and being so fun to be around. Last but not least— all my extras who showed up to a bucks county gym last minute. They are the beautiful, diverse, unique faces of fans who support me and my work.

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